Hi. I'm Elizabeth, as most of my Alabama folks know me, and how I know me. Or Liz, as most of my Kentucky pals have nicknamed me. Or Lizzy, which is what only my dearest family members dubbed me and it makes me smile on the inside.

Back to the point: Me.

I'm a mom. Of 3 boys. I'm a wife. Of a guy who's pretty amazing. I'm a believer. In Christ. I'm a photographer. Of anything.

For this season of my life, I'm a working mom who gets to enjoy a job that is part of my passion. I'm a photographer for a law-enforcement magazine. I'm passionate about photos, not necessarily law enforcement. Yet, I have a deeper gratitude for law enforcement because of my job. And to boot, I get to write an article here and there.

With my day job, I get to meet people that I might never meet and hear stories that I would never hear and and see things I would otherwise not see. With my weekend job, I get to see people smiling and laughing and enjoying their children, and capture moments I might not otherwise ever experience.

My hobby (as in where I'd rather be and my priority) is my husband and my boys, all of whom are more entertaining than the internet, the television or shopping. But my kids do have to occasionally compete with decorating magazines and blogs for my time. I like to think I have a good eye for my style, and I hope you'll agree (when I start posting about my house).

My past is Alabama. And this is where my sister lives (at the beach), where my dad is buried and where my mom is most of the year (when she's not here, tied up by my boys). It's where I was until I moved to college. It's home. And so is Kentucky.

I am grateful. And I'm better than I deserve.